…trying IRLP…

Well, I messed around with IRLP yesterday. Thanks to WH6Q, I was able to connect to the Palmer Station node in Antarctica (node 8838). Didn’t get any response, but it was fun to figure it out. Later that night I connected to the Alaska Reflector (node 9070), but again didn’t get any activity.

I’m going camping this next weekend, hopefully with my FT-7800R setup as a portable. It will be a great time for my friends to see the stuff in action. They are mildly curious about my new hobby, but don’t seem to understand the why. Sometimes, in order to provide enlightenment, you have to show the “wow” before the “why”.


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  1. Stuart on

    Give me a heads up when you connect to the Alaska reflector again. I will stay up or listen at the appropriate time. Just let me know. Use my email, I don’t check this blog often (I try). I think the whole IRLP thing is amazing. I don’t understand how to use it quite yet, but it is pretty fun.

    The Alaska reflector surprised me. I had heard people talking on a local repeater. I wanted to see how well my HT would reach the repeater. I keyed it up and asked for a radio check. A reply came back that I was loud and clear in Las Vegas. I thought I had not heard correctly since I am in Anchorage. I asked some clarifying questions and was amazed. I didn’t have any idea that the repeater is always connected to the Alaska reflector which is always connected to the Western reflector. Fun stuff. Now I just need to get a bigger radio. I am thinking the 8800. But am waiting for a truck to put it in. Santa hasn’t brought it yet. Still waiting. Soon hopefully.

    Gotta run. Thanks. 73’s

  2. bloodhound on

    Will do. I’ll probably be doing a lot on the radio this weekend (assuming I get all my pieces/parts in and get my 7800R portable). We’re going camping up at Peacock Flats. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to work the 443.550 repeater from up there with the J-pole and 50Watts 🙂

  3. Justin Kates on

    I’ll have to try IRLP. Never messed around with it.

    Justin KB3JUV

  4. Loren Lang on

    Did you ever get a hold of any one in Palmer Station? I recently tried, but the link kept dropping with an error.

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