…crimping Anderson Power Pole connectors…

…so, I’m sitting around in my garage without a fancy crimping tool to properly crimp the Anderson Power Pole connectors I’ve learned to appreciate. In the middle of grinding down the jaws of a little used set of pliers, I had an epiphany. Here is how to crimp these connectors with standard crimping pliers and a small nail.


Your crimpers or whatever pliers you are going to use should have a somewhat round area. Mine have the area behind the wire cutter labeled INS.


Other items you will need are the connectors on the ends of the prepped wires, and a nail.

set up for crimping

Simply align the seam of the connector along the top of the crimper, and carefully lay the nail along the seam of the connector.

crimping action

As you squeeze, the nail will force the seam down into the wire.

However this will also slightly flatten the connector.

So, rotate the crimped wire 90° and sqeeze again to obtain the desired shape.

crimped wire

At this point, you can lay a little solder in the connector. I don’t use too much, just enough to keep the connector from ever working loose.


10 comments so far

  1. Vic on

    I have also been sitting around in my garage trying to figure out a solution to this exact problem and I bet for a lot longer than you have.
    I also knew that the solution would be mind numbingly simple…and yep, it was…I mean, a nail!!! how much simpler can you get????
    I have spent ages dragging weird bits out of boxes, assembling lunatic devices and swearing a lot when the invention failed miserably (usually hurting me badly in the process ).
    MANY MANY MANY thanks for coming up with this little piece of genius, for I have a few of these connectors to put together, but not enough to justify the cost of a proper crimping tool (a small fortune ).
    Keep sitting there matey, but keep posting the results.

    Your fan

  2. Chief on

    No problem, Vic.

    I’m just glad that my little idea helped someone. I’ve had great luck using this method of crimping so far.

    I’ll be sure and post other shortcuts I come across.


  3. Joe Hildreth on

    Very clever!

    Joe, KL7DWE

  4. […] The cool part of WH7DA’s post is that he shows us how to use the crimping tool that you probably already own, instead of your being required to purchase one of the expensive proprietary tools. LINK […]

  5. vu2yk on

    How do you do this to a 45 Amp powerpole ?


  6. Darryl, vk5lbj on

    Thanks for this, worked a treat.

  7. Chris Butler on

    Hey Jason,
    I’m not a ham radio operator, just a Radio Control truck fanatic. I love using Anderson PowerPoles but crimping IS a bit of a pain. Like Vic said, many thanks for this great solution. With your permission, I’d like to post this link on my favorite RC Forum, TheToyz.Com/forums.

    If not, at least I still have a great solution to use on my own projects!

    thanks a million,

    • Chief on

      Hi Chris, you are more than welcome to post a link. This idea has helped more people than I initially realized. The feedback has been amazing.

      Thanks for letting me know you use it!


  8. Justin on

    I tried this and found it most useful. Well done

  9. Anderson PowerPole crimper on

    […] […]

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