…need advice…

…so, number two on my list of 2008 goals is:

2) Get a radio that I can use for HF

Now, which one should I set my sights on? I’m a Yaesu guy (at least so far, we’ll see what happens now that Motorola owns them). And I want something somewhat portable/mobile. Not really looking at base station rigs like the FT-450. So, here are my choices:




What are your recommendations?


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  1. KC9LJT on

    I got the 987d i love it very easy to program and operate?

  2. NH7L on

    Hi Jason — Get a 100-watt rig, not a QRP rig like the FT-817. Until we get a bunch of sun spots that stick around, QRP from KH6 is an exercise in frustration for anyone operating with small HF antennas. Keep in mind that you’re thousands of miles from anyone. When I got licensed in ‘04, I wanted to get an 817 as a starter rig. Wiser and more experienced local hams talked me out of it. the 857 and 897 are essentially the same radio, one being bigger to provide room for batteries. I found an 897 too big and awkward for the portable/mobile use I am restricted to. Get the 857 or, for about the same money, a used IC-706 MkII G. If you want new, and don’t want to spend over a grand, stick with the 857. They’re fine radios. All these 100-watters can be depowered to 5 watts or less when you want to do QRP.

  3. bloodhound on

    That’s exactly the kind of experience/advice I’m looking for. I do want to be able to use it here in Hawaii, and I do want something that I can carry around rather easily.

    I’ll be taking a close look at the 857. There are a lot of recommendations for the 897, but as you point out, it is a bigger radio. The 817 is all but out.


  4. Robert, kc0ydz on

    I’d go right for the 897D…
    the 817 is good for QRP… but you can cut down the power on the 897… either way, skip the 857–The 897 is much better for not that much more

  5. bloodhound on

    After advice here and from http://www.hamradioforum.net, I have set my mind on the FT-897.

    Turns out that the brochure advertisement for the 857 stating “ideal for mobile or external battery portable work”, doesn’t mean compact and convenient rechargeable battery setup like the 897, but that you can hook it up to an automotive battery.

    So… the 897!

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