…new computer upgrade…

Yes, I was already unhappy with one aspect of my new system as soon as I was done building it. The video card. I originally bought two 3850’s to run a crossfire setup, but ran into problems due to the motherboard I selected.

Anywhoo, the single 3850 was working out great (as you can see from the pics in my previous post), but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. So, I upgraded.

I have now installed a Radeon HD 3870×2! That’s a dual GPU card with 1GB of RAM. Upgrading to this card has more than tripled my 3DMarkVantage score from the low 2100’s to over 7400.

I’m also running dual monitors now. This single video card can support up to four monitors! For now, I’m getting used to two.

Here’s some pics so you can see how huge this thing is:


These are the 3870×2 and 3850 cards side by side.


Here you can see the four ports for the monitors.

I had to move some things around in the case (like move my hard drive cage up higher) to make room for this monster.

Oh, and here’s my new Call of Duty 4 Game-O-Meter score:


3 comments so far

  1. Rich on

    Wow! Looks like you got a SWEEEET system! I bet a flight sim would look awesome on the dual monitors! I wonder, do flight sims lose their appeal when you REALLY ARE a pilot? For me, a flight sim is the only way to fly, short of buying a ticket!

    Congrats on the upgrade!


  2. Chief on

    I absolutely love this system. It’ll stay current for a long time, and will support an upgrade to a quad-core when they are cheaper in a year or two.

    I still enjoy the flight sim, even as a certified pilot. If anything, the more you know about flying, the more intensive and complicated flying the flight sim becomes.

    Before, I was content with simply loading up a plane in free flight, pushing the throttle forward, and hitting the skies. Now, I want to make sure that I’m taking off from a realistically located parking area so I can practice the taxiways, keep the radios on the right frequencies so I don’t get complacent about it, go through my pre- and in-flight checklists (yes, I strap on my knee board when sitting at my computer)… etc.

    I’ve practiced maneuvers and have tweaked my settings to get the realism closer to real.

    Either way, nothing beats the real thing. Everyone should take a test ride and think about pursuing a pilot license.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment! Jason


  3. Tyler Kimball on

    Wow incredible the system it is top notch very good.

    Ive used Flight sim a while ago havent used it due to some specs probs with my computer.

    ive actually been wanting to get COD4 just dont go them specs for it.

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