…been awhile…

So, its been a while since I posted…

It’s also been a while since I’ve done anything with ham radio. But, that’s changing soon.

I now live in Central Minnesota, in a little town called Big Lake. I miss Hawaii, I miss the EARC group, and I miss the Navy. But, I’m settling in here and finally got my FT7800 out and on the air last week. Turns out, the Sherburne County ARES does a Monday night net on the nearby Elk River repeater. I checked in as a guest the other night and was warmly welcomed.

After a little poking around on their website, www.shercoares.org I have decided to join the group. So, we’ll see where that takes me. At least its good to be using the radio again!


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  1. kmayesaz on

    I recently came across your very interesting article on converting a computer power supply to run your ham radio. I want to convert my Yaseu FT7800 from my jeep to the garage as a base station. Am I to assume I am to use only the 24 pin main power connector for this project? There are lots of other wires which plug into various port on the motherboard so I am confused.
    Your assistance would be most appreciated.


    Ken Mayes

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