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Inspired by the success I had on field day using some (most) of n0oqa’s gear, I’ve made some purchases to get my mobile-deploy-able setup going.

First, I decided to go with a hitch mount push-up mast. Using Larry’s setup really sold me on the Max-Gain Systems fiberglass mast. I ordered the MK-4 Standard from here: http://www.mgs4u.com/fiberglass-push-up-mast.htm

Also, after seeing what it really means to have a tuner “talking to” the radio, I purchased a Yaesu FC-40.

My plans are to setup the FC-40 with the ladder line and deploy-able antenna as well as the coax and CAT lines to the radio, then stage all that in the bed of the truck. I have a covered bed and will have everything staged in a waterproof bag.

This will leave the CAT port of the radio for my BlueCat device. Since I’m primarily on VHF when on the road, this will let me work repeaters easily wherever I’m at.

When I’m somewhere I can park to do some HF work, I’ll get the antenna base mounted in the receiver, put the antenna in, roll out the FC-40/antenna/coax unit, hook up the CAT line and the tuner coax, get the pulley staged on top the mast, push-up the mast, guy-rope the mast, pull up the feedpoint, straighten and anchor the ends of the antenna wires – and I’m on the air.

This will be an inverted V antenna.

If I get a couple fiberglass painter poles, I can guy-rope them at the ends and raise the wire ends a bit. Getting them off the ground even 5 feet will help tremendously since my antenna center will only be about 23 feet off the ground.




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  1. Brian Smith on

    I just came across your blog and have a question for you. I live on Maui and am interested in purchasing the ft-857d, I am curious about your opinion of the ft-857d and whether or not you think it would be a good radio for my location. I have a couple nice HTs and am looking for something I can hit other islands with as well as possibly DX on ssb. Thank you for your time. Brian

  2. Chief on

    The 857D is a fantastic radio. I can’t recommend it strong enough. Great all-round rig. I use mine for local VHF stuff while running around in my truck. When travelling, I setup my HF antenna and have great success with that. It would be great for hitting the other islands, and the mainland. Great mobile and portable station.

    This summer I’ll be purchasing a second one to setup in my travel trailer.

    Overall, my opinion is that it’s a great investment.

    I hope that helps.

    • Brian Smith on

      Thank you for your time responding to my question. I really appreciate it. Hope to purchase the FT-857d in the next couple weeks. I need to start looking into antenna options as well. I do currently own the Elk periodical which would most likely work great with 2 meter and 70cm but will need something for HF. Do you use a tuner with yours? I will not be using the radio in a vehicle but do plan on using it mobile (Beach, Parks, etc….). I have a Pelican 1490 case that I think might work well. I also want to look into portable power sources specifically Lithium-ion. Keep going with your blog. You really have good information. Thanks again

    • Brian Smith on

      Sorry, Just realized you are using the FC-40 as a tuner. How do you like it? I was looking at the LDG line of tuners myself

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