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…build a power supply…

Here are some articles on converting a computer power supply to a 12VDC power supply (for something like Ham Radio):

Can you guess what my next project will be? 🙂


I converted a 300W ATX computer power supply to a ham radio power supply. See this blog entry for all the details:


…my luck…

So, I’ve decided to get an HF radio this year to try some DX’ing and use the privileges of my General Class radio license, and I find that the 11 year sunspot activity cycle is at it’s lowest in 2008.

Sunspot Activity

The NOAA has a great website at: called the Space Weather Prediction Center.

When I get my HF radio this year, though the cycle is currently at it’s lowest, the next several years show better propagation and more activity! I already can’t wait.